Marquee tent for receptions Tuscany

Marquee tent for receptions Tuscany
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Marquee tent for receptions Tuscany

Tendone tensostruttura per ricevimenti toscana questo prodotto viene utilizzato quando il numero di ospiti supera le 100/150 persone.
Questo tendone tensostruttura infatti garantisce uno spazio coperto di dimensioni importanti totalmente libero senza nessuna gamba centrale.

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Marquee tent for receptions Tuscany

Marquee tent for Tuscan receptions this product is used when the number of guests exceeds 100/150 people.
This marquee tent in fact guarantees a covered space of important dimensions totally free with no central column.
The main feature of this tent is to reach sizes of 15, 20, 25, or even 30 Mt of length for a width of 10, 15 or 20 Mt without the need for central interruptions.
It exists in both the version with PVC Black and side curtains with windows but also in versions Cristal Transparent.
Thanks to the fact of not having central Legs, ensures a good seal all’acqua.questo just because there are no joints with internal channel, thanks to the shape of a “Double gable-ends” water flows very well towards the sides.The supporting structure is made of aluminum to Vista, so it is advisable to complete the awning with Ceilings fabric.
interesting accessories are also chandeliers Similcristallo or LED lighting with warm micro-lights.
And ‘possible finally to match a wooden floor to level the ground below.


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